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SHOWER series,

2015 -

A series of portraits taking place in the bathroom of the subject photographed, in the moments following the end of the shower. I need there to be this ordeal of showering, heat, redness, sweat, humidity. The subject is entirely vulnerable, almost at my mercy, I take control of his image. I am looking for a certain intimacy, fragility at this moment, which is one of the most private. The portrait code is reversed, it is the time before the preparation that is presented. An infinitely intimate moment, wet, not styled, not made up. All this with a lot of modesty in an entirely exhibitionist era. These are images of my peers, in the same age group as me, who may have the same concerns as me. It’s about connecting with your peers and understanding what you look like with this collection of portraits. We obtain a sincere and raw image without losing an aesthetic dimension that can be close to certain cinematographic references.

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