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JUSQU'A LA PROCHAINE GRANDE MAREE (Until the next great tide)

2020, 4 MIN


A place of childhood. The ultimate place of childhood. The apartment by the sea. It's located in an old hotel, and it's historically charged, there are plenty of other ghosts than mine. My father wants to sell it. So I'm trying to be proactive, to anticipate the end, not to be caught short, to document it now, 
to capture its poetry already. It is once again a place of investigation. The family photos hidden in boxes come to sow clues. I am attached to them because they are the only evidence. If it is photographed, it must be true. We find this double use of photography, at the same time proof and fiction. To go back to the surface. A film with my voice talking about it and telling what I think I know about my parents' love story. For me, this love story, as if dating from before my time, seems to me entirely fictional. I am mainly a photographer, but it had to be a film, there had to be a duration to the images, and the text had to have a duration. That the images and the text be appreciated together. 

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